Top 15 Gramophones Youtube Channels to Follow in 2019

Gramophones Youtube ChannelsGramophones Youtube Channels List.
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Top 15 Gramophones Youtubers

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Gramophones Youtube Channels

1. James’s gramophones

James's gramophones Australia
About Youtuber I’m a gramophone collector I have five gramophones where one is a floor model from the early 30s and a Decca portable from 1921 and a tabletop gramophone from the early 20s the fourth gramophone is his master’s voice 101 fifth one is a Decca 50 songs. I upload are mainly jazz and dance related alongside a few other styles most songs are the early 1900s to about the 1940s.
Since Aug 2017
Youtube Followers- 114 . Views Count- 5,121 . Video Count – 90

2. Greg’s Gramophones and Music

Greg's Gramophones and Music Australia
About Youtuber A place where I share my various gramophones and music played on them. I upload a variety of music, from the early 1900s to the late 1950s.
Since Sep 2006
Youtube Followers- 192 . Views Count- 56,195 . Video Count – 2,058

3. Bruce Victrolaman Young

Bruce Victrolaman Young About Youtuber This Channel features an entertaining and historic array of early entertainment on Record from the earliest days of Recorded sound in the 1890s, up to mid-1930s, played on the original Gramophones & Phonographs of that era. Victrolaman will often give you the history of the records you are hearing and facts about the artists and the vintage phonographs, gramophones, graphophones and talking machines being used.
Since May 2006
Youtube Followers- 4,142 . Views Count- 2,733,939 . Video Count – 1,044

4. Richard Macintyre

Richard Macintyre United Kingdom
About Youtuber Welcome to my channel and I hope you find it engaging and interesting. My music is varied and I have a love of Gramophones, Radios and Record Players all often arriving not working, the fun is putting them back in working order.
Since Jan 2009
Youtube Followers- 1,113 . Views Count- 521,638 . Video Count – 281

5. Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison About Youtuber Welcome to my channel & greetings from Hull. I’ve been collecting since a teenager in the 1960’s, when gramophones & records were easy to find & cheap. My collection is mainly of the music hall era, but I do have some discs from other periods, especially 1920’s vocals. I Also collect & restore vintage radio.
Since Nov 2008
Youtube Followers- 396 . Views Count- 303,442 . Video Count – 958

6. phonophilo

phonophilo About Youtuber Welcome to my YouTube site. I am a collector of the antique cylinder and disc phonographs.
Since Feb 2008
Youtube Followers- 186 . Views Count- 120,367 . Video Count – 217

7. Izaak Lead

Izaak Lead United States
About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on restoring antique machinery, mainly audio equipment like cylinder phonographs, gramophones, and victrolas.
Since Jun 2010
Youtube Followers- 103 . Views Count- 1,284 . Video Count – 55

8. clubisas

clubisas About Youtuber clubisas channel is about music, gramophones, phonographs, and piano.
Since Dec 2007
Youtube Followers- 77 . Views Count- 26,872 . Video Count – 171

9. patefon95

patefon95 About Youtuber Here I present my collection of old gramophone records and pre-war gramophones.
Since Nov 2008
Youtube Followers- 57 . Views Count- 57,666 . Video Count – 89

10. Timo’s Musical Voice

Timo's Musical Voice Finland
About Youtuber My little and nice collection of gramophones, phonographs, 78rpm records, phonograph cylinders and music boxes. Welcome to my channel and greetings from my homeland, Finland!
Since Jan 2018
Youtube Followers- 24 . Views Count- 6,732 . Video Count – 111

11. The Gramophone Guy

The Gramophone Guy About Youtuber The Gramophone GuyA channel dedicated to educating people about antique things, especially old gramophones.
Since Feb 2019
Youtube Followers- 3 . Views Count- 96 . Video Count – 7

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