Top 15 Wudang Youtube Channels to Follow in 2019

Top 15 Wudang Youtube Channels
Wudang Youtube Channels List.
The Best Wudang Youtube Channels in our index using search and social metrics. Subscribe to these youtubers because they are actively working to educate, inspire, and empower their audience with frequent updates and high-quality videos.
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Top 15 Wudang Youtubers
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1 Wudang Youtube Channels

1.1 Wudang Academy
1.2 Wudang Dragongate
1.3 Wudang Deutschland
1.4 Wudang Kung Fu
1.5 WudangAcademy
1.6 Shaolin y Wudang Kung -Fu Wushu
1.7 Neil Rosiak
1.8 Daoist Liu
1.9 Wudang Shaolin Dream
1.10 Wudang KungFu Fighter
1.11 Five Immortals Temple

Wudang Youtube Channels

1. Wudang Academy
Austria About Youtuber The International Wudang Academy of Internal Arts is the international association of the Sanfeng lineage from Wudang. Here the entire authentic Sanfeng style is taught in accordance with the traditional teachings. Since Jul 2012 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 12,805 . Views Count- 1,206,110 . Video Count – 476

2. Wudang Dragongate
About Youtuber This Channel presents videos of the Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School. The Wudang Dragongate Kungfu School is like a family. Master Wang and his family teach authentic Wudang traditions. Since Oct 2011 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 341 . Views Count- 42,538 . Video Count – 45

3. Wudang Deutschland
About Youtuber Learn more about us – we are a Berlin-based academy for Wudang Internal Martial Arts, based on the Wudang Principles approach by Ismet Himmet and Norman Toeroek Since Aug 2011 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 632 . Views Count- 82,934 . Video Count – 52

4. Wudang Kung Fu
China About Youtuber China Wudang Kung Fu Academy was founded by Master Chen, as the 15th generation descendant of Wudang Sanfeng Sect, he has the sole responsibility of carrying out the legacy and promoting the Wudang Kung Fu far and wide in mainland China as well as at a global spectrum and benefit more people. Since Aug 2007 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 7,780 . Views Count- 2,191,501 . Video Count – 54

5. WudangAcademy
About Youtuber The Wudang Gong Fu & Health Academy is a small traditional internal martial arts school where students are taught directly by Master Tang Li Long. Since Aug 2011 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 459 . Views Count- 59,622 . Video Count – 23

6. Shaolin y Wudang Kung -Fu Wushu
About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on Wudang from Shaolin y Wudang Kung -Fu Wushu. Since Jul 2011 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 390 . Views Count- 159,255 . Video Count – 64

7. Neil Rosiak
About Youtuber Tai Chi classes in London for all levels and abilities. We teach the full system of Tai Chi Chuan, known as the Wudang style, which includes all the health, fitness and martial aspects of the art. By practicing a fuller syllabus of Tai Chi you will get more returns on your training investment. Since Aug 2006 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 370 . Views Count- 18,800 . Video Count – 23

8. Daoist Liu
About Youtuber Official channel of 16th generation Wudang Pai descendant You Wei Lin(Patrick Liu), Daoist priest, martial artist, and Daoist healer. This channel will give you the opportunity to learn more about Daoism, Wudang Pai, martial and healing arts. Since Nov 2013 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 125 . Views Count- 4,562 . Video Count – 55

9. Wudang Shaolin Dream
About Youtuber Wudang Shaolin Dream aims to promote martial arts and Chinese culture. On this channel, you will find videos of courses, demonstrations, presentations, and tutorials. Since Jun 2017 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 104 . Views Count- 7,947 . Video Count – 58

10. Wudang KungFu Fighter
Sweden About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on Wudang from Wudang KungFu Fighter. Since May 2017 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- 12 . Views Count- 755 . Video Count – 22

11. Five Immortals Temple
Wudang Mountain Range, China About Youtuber Follow us to keep up with videos on Wudang from Five Immortals Temple. Since Nov 2014 Channel Follow Youtube Followers- n/a . Views Count- 141,333 . Video Count – 21

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